Connect to your MongoDB databases directly from your iPhone

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Are you developing an application based on MongoDB and want to check the data went into the database the way you expect it?

You are not at your desk, your boss is calling and you need to check quickly if your data was saved correctly?

In that case MongoMonitor is the right tool for you. Verifying your MongoDB database's status on-the-go has never been easier.

MongoMonitor helps you manage your MongoDB databases from your iPhone

  • √ Connect to your MongoDB databases, supporting single hosts, Replica Sets and shards
  • √ Check your database's status, statistics and indexes
  • √ Navigate through all collections, documents and sub-documents
  • √ View and copy individual data in documents
  • √ Preview files (images, PDFs, and others) from GridFS
  • √ Insert and remove documents from your collections
  • √ Add indexes, re-index to save data
  • √ Query data and see which query plan was used
  • √ Handles mongodb:// links so you don't have to type in long connections
The app is being improved continuously and has a regular update cycle. Planned features include editing documents, data export, real-time stats as well as administrator tasks such as adding (or removing) nodes to a ReplicaSet or Shard, and viewing current operations.

What Customers Are Saying

Works as advertised “Really handy app and works smoothly.”

Great app for MongoDB “Great for quick access.”

Worth it “I was stuck in a Honda service station with a production report request from a customer! Couldn't find a web UI which was mobile friendly (ahem mlab/mongolab) or would let me perform queries on an arbitrary MongoDB URL so ... MongoMonitor to the rescue.”

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